Ro Gittens

Born talent from Saint-Vincent & The Grenadines, Romario Gittens was a young islander living south of Saint-Lucia and then later immigrating to Canada. He resided in Montreal, QC which blended his Caribbean and French culture together. Romario has gained many life experiences that strengthen his core values, dedicating himself to his hopes and dreams of leaving a positive impact on others through the art of his words. Since moving to Edmonton, he has decided to pursue his love for the art-industry. Today he has found a new respect for refining his skills as  artist, poet/song writer, and performer.

Max Rurangwa

A 21-year-old business student and aspiring artist. Max grew up in Ontario surrounded by urban culture and lifestyle. His dream is to return to Rwanda, Africa, and perform in front of his people and family in hopes to find a deeper connection with his roots. Max believes that change can happen – one song at a time.